4 Career Moves You Should Make in 2016

When it comes to your own career success, it begins and ends with you. By making a few changes in how you manage your career can increase your net worth and marketability. Here are four career moves you should make in 2016 that can create movement in your career and put you on the right track to achieving your career goals if you are willing to do the work.

#1 Get Clear and Set Goals

Before you can begin to set any career goals, you need to figure out what you want. Do a career SWOT to determine your Strengths, Weakness , Opportunities, and Threats. Next, you need to define who you are as a professional. Ask yourself several questions such as, What do I stand for in the workplace? What are my core professional values? What are my deal breakers? I suggest you create a Personal Branding Statement that you can use on your resume, your LinkedIn summary and use it during a networking conversation. Developing your professional identity can help you to get clear about want and how you are going to create a plan to accomplish your goals.

#2 Invest In You

Professional Development is an important part of making career moves! Take a class, get certified or volunteer your time to an organization to enhance your skill sets. Either way, you can’t create movement without professional growth. Investing your time to grow is just as valuable as the money you invest in doing it.

#3 Get Visible

How are you going to make career moves if no one knows who you are? Getting is visible is about more than being on social media. Make a name for yourself in your industry. Seek out opportunities to speak at industry events, become a Subject Matter Expert (SME), give industry advice and network. The more visible you are, the more people get to know you, specifically the ones in high profile roles. Create a solid reputation and let who you are and your expertise speaks for itself. Connections are great, but they do not hold value if people are not familiar with you or your reputation.

#4 Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate!

Create opportunities for people to work with you and seek out opportunities to partner with others. Make it a win-win and support someone else’s dream besides your own. Collaborating builds relationships, open doors for more opportunities, position you as a Subject Matter Expert and expand your marketability to the people learning who you are in your industry.

Be fearless and bold by stepping out of your comfort zone this year and begin to utilize these career moves. Make 2016 your year to build Your Career, Your Way, and OWN it!

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Sherry Sims

Sherry Sims is the Founder of Black Career Women's Network, Influencer, Career Strategist and Speaker with a passion for educating black women on how to manage their careers with clarity and confidence. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @bcwnetworkceo

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