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Tracey Piphus Cincinnati, Ohio

The BCWN Conference was hands down the best thing I've attended this year! The storytellers were raw and uncut when sharing with us the trials and tribulations they have gone through professionally and personally.
There were breakthroughs, tears, applause, dancing, smiles, tapping, storytelling, listening, learning and most of all the start of a real sisterhood.

Thank you Sherry Sims for bringing this idea to life! ‚̧ūüĎŹ

Dara Fairman

The BCWN Conference was as the name and slogan implies: Empowering!! Elevating!!¬†I am still on¬†‚ėĀ¬†9 as I reflect on the conference.

Sylvia Brownlee

 All I can say is 3 years ago I attended my first BCWN Conference and every year it gets better and better! Great Job Sherry Sims you did it again!

Ebony J

BCWN 2nd Annual Career Empowerment Conference was EVERYTHING. It was such a blessing to be the presence of so many Powerful Queens doing great things. Sherry Sims you out did yourself ūüĎŹūüŹĺ I‚Äôm totally pumped and ready for next year.

Tracey Vanzant Foyles

BCWN 2017: WOW! Absolutely Life Changing Empowerment Power House Event Sherry Sims, you presented the BEST of the best. Ladies on an intentional Purposeful mission.  Eagles really do soar and they equip Servants Partners who also soar. Thank you~Thank you for Heart, Excellence~Effectiveness #NeverTheSame#

Denise Bryers

AMAZING, POWERFUL, INSPIRING, was all that and everything! Thank you, Sherry Sims for the BCWN 2nd Annual Career Empowerment Conference! You brought it sis! ūüėė#bcwnconf2017 #blackcareerwoman

Camri Dobbins

My Experience at the BCWN Conference: Powerful! To be around so many successful women and no one is knocking each other down. Everyone's working together and pouring into one another to get to the next level. I met some GOD FEARING Women yesterday! One after another! It was absolutely amazing! Tears just kept flowing from my face because I know what God has ordained for me to do and I can't run and hide from it any longer! To see my mom and my mentor¬†Shauntel Dobbins¬†and Ms¬†Sylvia Brownlee¬†doing their thing inspired so much! I am truly grateful! Thank you to Ms¬†Sherry Sims¬†for just letting me be apart of this awesome conference. I really appreciate you guys!ūüíĖ

Shamekko Early

My heart is full. I learned that some of our speakers today at BCWN 2nd Annual Career Empowerment Conference are introverts. I'm an introvert and it shows that I can be one & still go for IT! ‚ú®#BCWNconf17

Becky Davis

About yesterday at BCWN conference. #powerful


Carman Polleate Cincinnati, Ohio

Black Career Women Network Conference 2017!! One word to describe the event... INCREDIBLE!!! If you miss it, you better be at next year conference. I’m overly joyed that I attended the conference. I met so many amazing women today.

8:00 am | Check-In Begins

9:00 am | Opening Remarks *

Vendor Showcase | 9-6

1 on 1 Coaching  | 10 -4

Power Networking Jam Mixer

  • Now that you have checked in, meet other women, get connected and jam out to some motivating tunes during this networking session.¬†Check out who is in the room before the conference begins with opening remarks.¬†

Opening Remarks  *

Morning Keynote  | Sherry Sims

MasterMind Sessions  (AM & PM Sessions)

  • These hour intensive sessions on Career Ave and Side Hustle Blvd were¬†created to support your development and future success. These sessions will require the use of your conference workbook.¬†

Black Girl Storytellers  (AM & PM Stories)

  • Debuting at our conference is our Black Girl Storytellers Series. This series is comprised of women from all levels in their careers ready to share their journey on the road to success. Their stories will be shared throughout the day. ¬†Get ready to jam to each ladies theme song¬†that describes their experiences while they¬†bring¬†some fiya and truth! ¬†¬†

Power Luncheon with Awards

  • Our Award Luncheon recognizes Black Career Women working in excellence, serving and supporting other women while continuing to reach new levels in their careers. These women uplift their sisters and continue to work with a driven focus to achieve success, be a role model, impact their communities and creating #BlackGirlMagic! ¬†

Fire Side Chat

  • The Elevation of Black Women on the Rise! ¬†–¬†An open discussion to chat about all things empowering black women to achieve greater success, work-life balance and spiritually!¬†

Closing Remarks  & Testimonies


Take a seat on Career Avenue! Learn the art of how to manage your career and level up with clarity and confidence.  
  • Black Girls Guide to Navigating Office Politics¬†
  • Communicating with Power: ¬†Leadership, Code Switching, Emotional Intelligence¬†& Beyond
  • Getting Clear on Your Career Goals
  • Grind Till You Own it! – Strategic Salary Negotiations


You hear everyone say you need multiple streams of income, but how do you really do it! Hang out on Side Hustle Blvd and find out how.
  • The 9-5 Entrepreneur: How to Manage your Full-time Job & Side Hustle¬†
  • It’s Possible!: ¬†Faith, Finances & Fulfillment ¬†¬†
  • Branding is Your Bizness!¬†
  • Turning Fear into Fire: Slaying Public Speaking

Activate Your Vision: Vision Board Workshop with Lucinda Cross

 You’ve probably attended her Activate Conference or seen her on the show Queen BOSS on BET and Centric or read an article about her in Essence Magazine or even caught her on an episode of NBC Today’s Show with Tamron Hall and Dr. OZ.  In celebration of visions, goals, and success, Lucinda, invites you to join us in taking your vision off the board and into your life.


Debuting at our conference is our Black Girl Storytellers Series. This series is comprised of women from all levels in their careers ready to share their journey on the road to success. Their stories will be shared throughout the day.  Get ready to jam to each ladies theme song that describes their experiences while they bring some fiya and truth!   

Check out this year’s storytellers

  • Dee C. Marshall –¬†Coach, Speaker, Author ¬†@deecmarshall
  • Marsha Haygood –¬†Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Author ¬†@stepwiseassoc
  • Lucinda Cross – ¬†TV Personality, Speaker, Vision Board Expert¬†@lucindaspeaks
  • Tanisha Sykes –¬†Money & Careers Expert, Content Strategist ¬†@tanishatips
  • Becky Davis –¬†Chief BossPreuner, Business Coach¬†@bossprenuer
  • Dr. Avis Jones Deweever –¬†Diversity and Inclusion Solutionist¬†@sistahscholar
  • Taren Kinebrew –¬†Entrepreneur¬†– Sweet Petit¬†@sweetpetitcincy
  • Regina Carswell Russo – ¬†Media/PR/Communications¬†@whatshotregina
  • Sonia Jackson Myles –¬†Founder/President – The Sister Accord¬†@thesisteraccord
  • Cheryl Wood¬†–¬†International Speaker –¬†@Cherylempowers