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What is Career Smarts?

Career Smarts is our Career Development Cohort designed to help you become "CAREER SMART by gaining Clarity, Strategy, and Solutions to Grow Smart, Work Smart!

Equipping YOU with strategies and tools to flourish in Corporate America!

Black women have different experiences in the workplace, unlike their counterparts and achieving career success takes more than doing a good job at work. Often we lack the desire to understand the complexities of the workplace.

During our 6 Week Online group coaching, you'll learn how to "Grow Smart" by learning critical tools needed to navigate, progress and thrive in the workplace successfully. We'll show you how to apply effective strategies to help you change your mindset about how you show up in your career, make good professional decisions that will create a shift in your career trajectory and manage it for longevity and success.

If you feel like you can't get ahead at work, stuck or you're tired of being looked over for a promotion, unknown in your industry, even unable to speak up and you're ready to do the work. This is the workshop for you!

You'll receive:

Weekly Interactive Live Webinar with Q&A
Career Smart Guide & Worksheets
Career Assessment Evaluation
Career Development Plan & Road Map
(2) 45-minute follow-up Coaching Sessions
Accountability Partner & Mentor Match
Certificate of Completion
Professional Growth Series | August 6th - Sept 11th

Online Lessons

Week 1 - Discovering Your Strengths

Discover your strengths and how you use them to maximize your potential at work, create an skill set advantage and give you clarity about what you uniquely bring to the table

Week 2 - Getting Clear on Career Goals

In this lesson, you learn what are your core values and what you stand for. You'll create a preliminary plan to assess where you are with SWOT, skill, and overview to create a vision for your next level.

Week 3 - Defining Your Professional Identity & Brand

Understanding your workplace personality, along with your values, what type of environment you need to thrive and support from your ideal boss can impact how you show up and perform at work. Defining your professional identity will help you to identify the people, workplace and things that you require to set yourself up for success.

Week 4 - Black Girls Guide to Navigating Workplace Politics

Learning how to play the game and becoming politically savvy takes a little finesse. Learn 6 principles that will help you to understand your workplace culture, how to use your communication style to build relationships so you can thrive instead of surviving at work.

Week 5 - Communicating With Power & Intention

Learn four communication styles and how they can help or hinder you. Understand how emotional intelligence will help you handle conflict, perceptions & bias and speak up during critical times in your career.

Week 6 - Leadership Boss Moves

New levels, bring new challenges. The more influential you become, the more complex the relationships will be. This lesson will teach you how to understand the different levels of leadership and how each on requires preparation to shift your mindset for promotion to the next level of leadership.