Black women are overrepresented at the low-paying end of the wage spectrum, and are underrepresented at the top of the wage spectrum. Salary Negotiation Expert, Jacqueline Twillie will share facts about the realities of the wage gap and how to increase your annual salary.

Earning a college degree will undoubtedly open doors and increase your earning potential. However, you must learn how to become a savvy negotiator in order to earn what you are worth. Salary Negotiation Expert, Jaqueline Twillie shows you just how to do it!

Following your passion has been proven to make you happier. But enjoying your passion sometimes may not pay all of the bills. It's not for a lack of trying. All you need is to learn a few savvy tips and skills to actually turn your purpose into profit.

Part 2 of our series with how to monetize your purpose via networking. Networking can be uncomfortable for some, and natural for others. Janell will share how to build genuine relationships and make money while connecting.

Becky A. Davis in this webcast shares advice to help purpose-driven career women successfully transition from employee to entrepreneur and the 6 "Must Have" relationships every woman should have.

While it’s true that each day brings an element of the unknown, we can choose how we live our lives and how we prepare for the life we want. It starts with becoming the CEO of your life.

There are times when we love the work we do, but absolutely hate where we do it! Regardless of how you feel when you enter the office, stay the course. Challenging workplaces can push you to be better, stronger, more creative, efficient and focused.

In 2015, women earned 78 cents on a dollar compared to what a man earns. Join Millennial Careers Advisor and BCWN Careers Expert Jacqueline Twillie as she shares savvy negotiation strategies to show you how to ask for what you are truly worth!