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Lunch & Learn - Career Ambition Series

Join us for our bi-weekly live call to answer your career questions, share advice and gain strategies on how to further your and maximize the effectiveness for results.

Dial-In # (218) 339-0226 | Code 1012012

Upcoming Calls - 12:30pm EST 

  • January 4th & 18th 
  • February 8th & 22nd

Upcoming Live Webinars

Monthly Live Sessions for your career development



This webinar will help you label the experiences and pressures that you may encounter as a Black woman in the workplace, discuss the costs, and focus on problem-focused coping strategies for dealing with microaggressions.

In this webinar, You will learn:

What you need to prepare for 1 on 1
How to handle for constructive feedback
Verbiage on how to ask for what you want
How to set realistic expectations & goals

When: Tuesday, November 27th  | Time: 8:00 pm EST | Length: 1 hour



One of the best ways to achieve professional fulfillment and satisfaction is to ensure that your career choices reflect who you are, match your values and your true purpose.

In this webinar, you'll gain clarity about what are your core values, what you stand for and how this plays a part in achieving your goals. You'll create a preliminary plan to assess where you are right now, what you may need to support your goals and create a vision for the next level in your career or where you are now.

Members have your Strengths and Culture Insight results from your profile on hand.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The Real You at Work
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • Identify Your Core Driving Values
  • Determine Your New Path or Goal
  • Conducting a Career S.W.O.T
  • Setting Your Goals

When: Sunday, January 13th | Time: 7:00 pm EST | Length: 1 hour



Defining Your Professional Identity

This webinar is all about learning or revisiting who you are as a professional. As your career grows, so should you!  You will take an assessment to understand your unique workplace personality, which will include what type of environment works best for you to thrive, the characteristics of your ideal boss for ongoing support,  your leadership style, interview style,  what you need for clear communication and more. All these can impact how you show up and perform at work. Defining your professional identity will help you to identify the people, workplace, and things you require that will work best with who you are so you can make the right choices to set yourself up for success.  You will also create a professional branding statement.

When: Tuesday, January 15th  | Time: 8:00 pm EST | Length: 1 hour



Mastering Workplace Culture & Politics

Learning how to play the game and become politically savvy takes a little finesse!  In this session, you will learn 6 principles that will help you to understand your workplace culture, identify certain personalities and how to deal with them, how to use your communication style to build relationships, foster alliances, increase visibility and more so you can thrive instead of surviving at work.

When: Tuesday, February 12th  | Time: 8:00 pm EST | Length: 1 hour

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