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Mondays bring me more anxiety than any other day of the week.  Mostly because if my Monday starts out good,  the rest of my week will flow well.  At least that’s what I believe in my mind. Truth of the matter is, I have complete control of how I chose to respond to daily distractions. Which have become increasingly more obvious now that we live in a digital age of mobile phones, tablets and smart watches.  Often, it’s not your workload or it’s environment that is the distraction. Why?  Because we check our phones every two seconds, for new social media post, email, text and often forgetting that connecting with an individual in person is far more powerful than our electronic devices.  Instead of your phone being a distraction, use it to expand your network and establish authentic relationships!

So this week I challenge you to instead of texting your friend or setting up email introductions to potential clients or partners, dial their number!

Make a phone introduction, schedule a lunch or dinner meeting to establish a tangible connection allowing your potential client to really experience your personality.  Or show a friend that you still care about them by taking time out of your schedule to meet in person.  I love my mobile phone just like the next person and all of the wonderful, convenient technology it provides. But my personality needs to connect and interact with people, which is part of being an extrovert, top that with being an old school gal, I prefer to pick up the phone and call you to make an introduction, talk business ideas or partnerships vs email or text.  However, even if you are not an extrovert,  make it a part of your week routine this week to just simply pick up the phone!  Don’t text, don’t email just CALL and watch how your relationships become more meaningful and genuine!

Have an awesome work week and Cultivate your relationships!

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Sherry Sims

Sherry Sims is the Founder of Black Career Women's Network, Influencer, Career Strategist and Speaker with a passion for educating black women on how to manage their careers with clarity and confidence. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @bcwnetworkceo

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