Going back to work on Monday can be a miserable task for some and very joyous for others. Either way, Mondays are a great opportunity to start fresh, correct mistakes, and finish uncompleted task or goals. Start to think of Mondays as a new beginning and here are a few tips to get you started:

Create a Monday Morning Mantra

Your mantra should be one that gives your energy, makes you feel powerful and ready to face the work week.  Think of something like “ Monday is a new start, a new beginning, a new perspective, I can make this week count.  I’ve got this! 

If you do not have a mantra, think about who inspires you.  Read one of their quotes or emulate something that made them successful. Find something that will give you a jumpstart of motivation!



Listen to your Favorite Podcast on the Way to Work

Podcast are a great way to get motivated during your commute. Ok….. this my shameless plug, but listen to our Real Career Talk – The Podcast on iTunes, Spreaker or Soundcloud help get you motivated and inspired in the mornings.   One of my favorite Podcast that keeps me inspired is Package Your Genius by Amanda Miller Littlejohn you can find her podcast on Stitcher, iTunes and also Soundcloud. 



Create an Action Plan for Week

If you are like me, I try my best not to bring my work home over the weekend.  However, I do find it useful to plan my week on Sunday.  It gives me a head start to be more organized, procrastinate less and provides a structured overview of the task I need to complete to accomplish my goals.  I usually start with completing the most critical task first, then prioritize all the others.   Plan your week based on your work style or be bold and change it up! Download our free Daily Career Action Plan template

Delegate if Possible! 

To lessen your stress,  find ways to delegate some of your work so you can stay on track to accomplish your weekly goals.  Delegating is hard more me, I’m still working on that! But when I do delegate it takes a big weight off my shoulders and I feel like I’m making good progress.  Start out with delegating one or two task and measure your progress at the end of the week. The less you have to move over to next week’s to-do list the better!

Find an Accountability Partner

Find a co-worker that you trust and have a good relationship with to share your weekly goals.   Both of you should agree to keep each other on track and follow up by the end the week. When you have support at work it keeps you from feeling overwhelmed with your workload.



Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you make a mistake or didn’t meet a goal don’t fret! Unless the word “termination is in the air” you will always have a chance to make things right.  You’re human and the best thing you can do is be accountable, correct your mistake or make sure you accomplish the goal next week and keep it pushing!


Making a few changes in how you start your week can make all difference in your productivity!  Happy Monday and have an AWESOME work week! 

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Sherry Sims

Sherry Sims is the Founder of Black Career Women's Network, Influencer, Career Strategist and Speaker with a passion for educating black women on how to manage their careers with clarity and confidence. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @bcwnetworkceo

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