Who We Are

Black Career Women's Network (BCWN) is a national career development organization dedicated to fostering the professional growth of black women. Since 2012, we have helped thousands of Black Women nationwide gain clarity and confidence to execute proven strategies to create the change they want to see in their careers.

How We Support

Growing professionally is important to remain competitive in today’s job market and achieve your career goals. Applying what you learn from professional development training, coaching, or mentoring gives you the confidence to excel in your career. Understanding professional growth and how to achieve it can help lead to advancement opportunities, higher salaries, or overall career satisfaction.

Our Methodology

We believe to achieve your professional aspirations; several elements should be developed and supported.  Our Methodology comprises Four essential Career Components to help women dive deeper into personal and professional growth, understand how to navigate the workplace, build relationships, establish a network, and manage their careers to experience the career empowerment and fulfillment they desire.

What Black Women Want Most from Work

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