Mentoring for us by us!

We know mentors can be hard to find!  Our national Mentor Matching program is comprised of carefully selected professionals, coaches, and entrepreneurs from all industries and career levels to offer professional insight.



Professional Development

"Career Smarts 365" is our exclusive Group Coaching program comprised of Micro Lessons, Smart Guide Workbooks,  Strategy Calls, & Private Tribe to help you gain clarity, strategy, and solutions to Grow Smart & Work Smart. 



Belonging & Connection

 Establishing a strong network and community with like-minded women is critical & beneficial. It's best the place to connect, engage, and learn while building a new tribe of purposeful professional relationships to expand your network.

Events & Workshops

Signature Events for Career Management

Our Career Management Workshops and digital resources are designed to help you manage your career, expand your network, increase your visibility, make new connections while gaining support for any stage in your career.

All Inclusive Career Development Hub

Awesome app that puts all the benefits and access of a community in the palm of your hand including professional development, coaching, mentoring and culturally intelligent and relevant content.

Deborah Gray-Young

Executive Coach

App to pair the greatness that already is BCWN

So excited to use this new app. I’ve been engaged with the organization for quite a while, which has been a wonderful experience. I always leave the in-person events (pre-COVID19) refreshed and encouraged. Having the app in your pocket now is icing on the cake. The app is easy to navigate, clean and sleek. The community is positive and inviting.

Jalea Stower-Grimes


A Place to Connect!

BCWN is truly a place for women to connect, learn and grow. Had so many actionable takeaways from the Live Conference that I wouldn’t have experienced outside of this community.

Agata Domond

Event Attendee

Phenomenal Network!

Phenomenal Network! I recommend you join and be present. Show up for yourself!

Natasha Santanna Mitchell

Event Attendee

Great Resources

I’m amazed by all the wonderful resources available through this network. I’ve invested in membership and downloaded the app. I’m so glad I happened up BCWN this morning. The timing is so perfect.

Kashi Levette Bazemore


Love the Career Conversations!

“I have recently been enjoying the YouTube ~ Career Conversations hosted by the beautiful, intelligent and energetic Sherry Sims. Looking forward to watching more, improving myself in the workplace, and participating in the upcoming networking events. Thank you so much, Sherry! “

Kimberly Brown-Reed


Career Empowerment!

Each and every time I attend a BCWN event, (as an attendee, as a coach, or as a mentor) I leave equipped and empowered. Sherry Sims and her team do a phenomenal job educating black women on the most effective ways to navigate the workplace, grow their personal brands, and level up in their careers. Join BCWN today! You will be so glad you did.

Aisha Patterson

BCWN Influencer

Thank You!

Thank you for supplying black career women a place/service to seek growth and career information about tackling the unknowns of creating a lifestyle of professional excellence. I have utilized your website more than I can count this past week since I looked you all up! The ‘Ask A Mentor’ function is priceless! You are needed and appreciated! Check this organization out if you are career-centered and want to be more balanced at it!

Alicia Rogers


Excellent Resources

Excellent advice and tools to set you up for success! Thank you, Sherry, and all the BCWN mentors!

Ericka Mason


Great Webcasts!

I am also glad I was able to join the webcast. The conversations were enlightening and the panel was great. Also, another invaluable quote to write down is, “ask for what you want, to get what you need.”

Frances Lewis

VP at Cox Communications

The Leadership Team

Sherry Sims - Founder & CEO

Makeda Matthews - Chief Network Director