Mentoring for us by us!

Mentorship Matters!

A mentor is a valuable asset on your professional journey, serving as your guide to help navigate through the challenges and obstacles that come your way. They can share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you, offering valuable insights and lessons learned along the way. With their support and guidance, you can gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed in your career. 

Women with Mentors are...

5x more likely to get promoted
5x more likely to get a raise
60% increase in female and minority representation
Source: Harvard Business Review 

What is a Career Mentor?

A mentor is someone who shares their skills, knowledge, expertise, and professional contacts with you. Mentors can help you set career goals, resolve difficult problems, and make sound career decisions.

How Our Program Works

Create your profile. Then based on your input, our system algorithm matches you with your top three mentors to help you meet your goals.  Review your matches, select a mentor, and request a meeting. We will take care of the logistical stuff so you can spend more time growing in your career!  Each mentoring session is scheduled for 30 minutes.


Sign Up

Sign up and complete your profile. (Must be a BCWN Member).


Discover Your Match

Complete the onboarding steps, then based on your inputs you will be matched with your top mentor (s) to help you meet your goals and needs.


Meet with Mentor

Now that you've been matched, review your mentor matches and select which Mentor you would like to meet with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do. We have an option for free members to have a one-time conversation with a mentor. Our Premium members can meet with Mentors once a week for up to 6 sessions.

You will receive your top matches immediately! After you complete your profile our algorithms will match you with several mentors based on the inputs from your profile.  

Yes, you can. However, our recommendation is to work with one mentor that you are matched with at a time.   

Yes, you can change mentors anytime if you have multiple matches on your list. Please follow protocol to close out your matches with the mentors you do not want to meet with.

If you are meeting for a (One-Time Session) our recommendation would be to ask the mentor how often would they like to keep in touch. If you are on a short-term session, after meeting for 3-6 sessions. You recommend that you close out when your final session is complete.

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