Black Career Women Network Conference: Three Purpose Inspired Lessons I Learned

As a millennial professional, I think it was and still remains refreshing to gain wisdom from executives who have acquired desirable lifestyles and shared their professional experiences. I am still grateful that I attended the second annual Black Career Women Network (BCWN) Conference that was held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is my hometown. These executives contributed a wealth of knowledge to support the rising generation.

Founder & CEO of BCWN, Sherry Sims’, vision was to create an experience that elevated Black Women in the workplace and business. The highly attended conference included:

A celebratory lunch to honor Brand Strategist, Monokia Nance; Founder and CEO of Curvy Cardio, Morgan Owens and others; a vision board exercise with Best-Selling Author and Founder of the Activate Conference, Lucinda Cross; and various mastermind sessions such as how to negotiate your salary with Curated Coach, Tarita Preston; and how to turn fear into fire through the art of public speaking with Founder & CEO of RRight Now Communications, Regina Carswell Russo.

I gained many jewels from various Black Girl Story Tellers. Here are three purpose inspired lessons that I learned:

  • Founder and CEO of The Sister Accord, Sonia Jackson Myles, said, “Answer the question to how are you going to prepare for your life’s mission?” She continued, “Once you understand what your life’s mission is then walk in it.”
  • Chief Bosspreneur, Becky A. Davis, shared her life-threatening health scare during her transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. She told the audience, “Learn to be your own superhero.”
  • TV Lifestyle Personality and Coach, Dee C. Marshall, told her riveting story during 9/11 that catapulted her career to coaching. She said, “Learn to silence yourself and allow space to focus from the inside out.” She continued on “From there, pursue your passion, and then your purpose will be revealed.”

My success in preparing for this conference was inspired by Founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, Angelina Darrisaw. Check out her article, How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Conference.

As a difference maker that creates purpose inspired experiences with individuals, companies and organizations, let’s continue to contribute valuable insights and information to support all of those on the same journey.

I look forward to the third annual Black Career Women Network Conference.

Fatima Bodrick

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Fatima A. Bodrick is a difference maker that creates purpose inspired experiences with individuals, companies and organizations throughout every touch point in her life. She gained experience in New York as an innovative and adaptable project management logistics and coordination professional that supports partnerships with Fortune 500 brands and c-suite level executives. Her passion is to connect brands to purpose-driven programs through corporate sponsorships that impact diverse communities and drive company sales. Fatima A. Bodrick has a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Hampton University and a Master's degree in Public Administration from Long Island University.

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