Week 1Getting Clear about What You Want

In this session, you'll gain clarity about what are your core values and what you stand for.  You'll create a preliminary plan to assess where you are right now, what you may need to support your goals during this cohort.

Week 2 - Defining Your Professional Identity 100 

This is session is all about learning or revisiting who you are as a professional. As your career grows, so should you!  You will take an assessment to understand your unique workplace personality, which will include what type of environment works best for you to thrive, the characteristics of your ideal boss for ongoing support,  your leadership style, interview style,  what you need for clear communication, assess how to maximize your potential and leverage it at work to create a skillset advantage.  In addition to creating a value proposition about what you uniquely bring to the table. All these can impact how you show up and perform at work.  Defining your professional identity will help you to identify the people, workplace, and things you require that will work best with who you are so you can make the right choices to set yourself up for success.

Week 3 - Branding You for Professional Success

Your brand is comprised of various components that make up a total package.  You are in complete control of how you want to be perceived. This masterclass will provide you with branding strategies and trends you can leverage that will help you craft a stellar brand and image for your long-term success.

Week 4 -  Mastering Workplace Culture & Politics

Learning how to play the game and become politically savvy takes a little finesse!  In this session, you will learn 6 principles that will help you to understand your workplace culture, identify certain personalities and how to deal with them, how to effectively use your communication style to build relationships, foster alliances, increase visibility and more so you can thrive instead of surviving at work.

Week 5 -  Managing Your Emotions at Work

Stressful situations are all too common in the workplace. It can be hard to manage your emotions under certain circumstances, but it's important for you to do so. Why?  Because negative emotions can affect your behavior and could seriously harm your professional reputation, as well as your productivity. You'll learn how you can become better at handling your emotions, "choosing" your reactions to bad situations, and talk about the most common negative emotions experienced in the workplace -- and how you can manage them productively.

Week 6 - Becoming Your Own Self-Advocate

Advocating for yourself should be an active part of growing in your career, not just reserved for when you feel your career is stalling out frustrated.  Self- Advocacy means identifying and seizing opportunities, speaking up, utilizing new tools, or proposing different ways to work.  Taking steps to work within your full potential is something you should own but may have barriers to success.  Sometimes those barriers are you getting in your own way or simply just a lack of knowledge about what to do.  This lesson will prepare you to look at yourself, the steps you can take, and the actions to implement to become a fierce advocate for yourself at work!

Week 7 - Communicating with Power & Intention

In this session, you will learn four communication styles and how they can help or hinder you at work.  Understand how emotional intelligence will help you handle conflict, perceptions & bias and how to speak up during critical times in your career.   Also, you'll learn techniques on how to ask for what you want and get it.

Week 8 - Leadership Boss Moves

New levels, bring new challenges. The more influential you become, the more complex your role and the relationships will be. This lesson will teach you how to understand the different levels of leadership and how each one requires preparation to shift your mindset for promotion to the next level of leadership. You learn what you will need as a leader to sustain your role for each leadership level you are striving for.

Strategy Session: Creating Your Career Development Plan

This is where we develop your strategy and create a Career Development plan to help you accomplish your goals in 3-4 steps.

Your Facilitator and Coach

Sherry Sims is the Founder of Black Career Women's Network.  Prior to changing careers, Sherry worked in the HR industry for 15 years as a Corporate Recruiter and HR Generalist for several Fortune 500 companies hiring hundreds of candidates in various roles during the span of her career.  She's now a  D&I Professional and Career Strategist sharing her knowledge and expertise with black women helping them to gain clarity, learn strategies and solutions to grow smart, work smart to create a career for long-term success.