Sherry Sims

Founder of Black Career Women's Network

Diversity & Inclusion Leader | Career Strategist | Creative | Trailblazer

After working over two decades in the Human Resources industry as a Talent Acquisition professional,  Sherry desired to utilize her experience differently and became a Career Coach. During this time, she discovered a passion for helping people strive for career success, specifically black women.

Why Black Career Women's Network was created

Inspired in 2009 to create an online forum due to a lack of access to black female mentors, Sherry created a Linkedin group and named it Black Career Women's Network. The purpose was to connect with other black women and obtain career advice. The group did not gain traction until she became a Career Coach. That's when black women began to seek her out for career advice. She soon discovered that other professional black women like herself were experiencing similar or various challenges in the workplace. With her newfound passion, she decided to expand Black Career Women's Network offline into a national organization that offers career resources, community, coaching and mentoring to develop its members further and provide exclusive support.  Since 2012, Black Career Women's Network has helped thousands of Black Women across the country gain clarity and confidence to execute proven strategies to create the change they want to see in their careers. Helping women to take a deeper dive into personal and professional growth, understand how to navigate the workplace, and manage their careers to experience career empowerment and fulfillment.

Sherry has received numerous awards and appears on Cincinnati's FOX19 affiliate as a Careers Expert. Her expert advice has been featured in various national print and digital publications such as Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, US News, The New York Times, CNBC, and more. In addition to local publications in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she resides. Such as  Cincinnati Business Courier, Cincy Chic, Cincinnati Herald, WLWT 5, and Who's Who Cincinnati. Sherry was listed as one of the Top 20 Career Coaches to follow in 2020.  

Her Vision for Career Growth, Access, and Opportunity

BCWN has grown to be the leading premier network that black women are utilizing to find the support they need to achieve their definition of success. As professional black women, we must continue to learn from each other, and we need this! I've experienced workplace challenges, and I know what it's like to be pushed out of your job, being the only one, dealing with bias, overlooked for a promotion, because it happened to me also!   There is not a magic formula for achieving success in your career. However, armed with the right strategies, it's never too late to achieve your professional goals." ~ Sherry Sims.

Finding Purpose

"I want every Black Career Woman to be empowered and have equal consideration for growth opportunities to work in her highest potential, equipped to handle workplace challenges, and experience freedom and fulfillment at work."

My favorite quote from a well-known pastor says, "The life God gave you is larger than the life you've been living." For me, this quote is confirmation that we must strive to live our best life and use the unique gifts God has given us. It's our job to discover what they are and use them to work in your purpose. Trust who you are, know your worth, discover your strengths, and work your purpose!


  • Risk Taker, Dream Maker
  • Success Never Stands Still
  • Framing Your Future
  • Instinctively YOU

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Career Success Strategies
  • You've Graduated, Now what?
  • Professional Branding Tools
  • Leadership Boss Moves

Workshops & Training

  • Defining Your Professional Identity
  • Branding YOU for Professional Success
  • Getting Clear On Your Career Goals
  • Navigating Workplace Politics

For Sherry Sims, founder and CEO of Black Career Women’s Network, her 2013-born organization had a simple goal: Provide black women access to mentors in the workplace. It was a problem that needed solving. After all, Sims and other African-American women she knew were often turning to other resources or avenues to get the support they needed to progress in their careers.   Read Article

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