How to Avoid Being Stuck with the Wrong Mentor

Mentoring is supposed to be a positive experience between two individuals – mentor and mentee. Many of the organizations we work in have the best of intentions with their mentoring programs and activities. And we, as employees, are excited to know that there are leaders in our organizations which we can learn from. But sometimes the […]

[Webinar] Branding YOU for Professional Success

Your brand is comprised of various components that make up a total package.  You are in complete control of how you want to be perceived. This webinar will provide you with branding strategies and trends you can leverage that will build a stellar brand and image for your long term success. You will learn: Creating […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Professional Brand in 30 Days

People are judging you everyday. They are using the information at their disposal to determine if they want to hire, promote, or book you as a speaker for an upcoming event. Don’t miss out on a chance to influence how people perceive you. People will begin to see you as a thought leader in your […]