5 Career Tips that Benefit Black Women

When you are ready to make your next career move, you must begin to think strategically about how to choose the best advice to help you move forward in your career. Not all advice is good advice for you. Here are a few tips that can help you navigate challenges that could delay or stall […]

Career Smarts Masterclass: HR Confidential

HR Confidential: Understanding your HR dept and how to leverage it as a Black Woman at Work Understanding how to leverage your HR department and recognizing when they can be an asset or threat to your career is important. Former Senior VP of Human Resources, Tawana Bagwhat will share with us the good, bad and […]

Career Empowerment Conference

Join us at 2nd Annual Career Empowerment Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, October 14th  from 9-6 pm.  Black Career Women from all levels in their careers will gather for this one-day event to engage, inspire and empower personally and professionally.  Our Purpose Career Empowerment is our focus and helping YOU thrive professionally is our purpose.   We Believe……….. […]