Workshops & Events

Our Career Success Strategies help you to create trajectory in your career, strategically navigate the workplace, gain career smarts to make better career decisions and prepare you to handle challenges and complexities no matter what stage in your career.

Career Tools & Resources

Our Career Essential resources such as Smart Guides, Worksheets, eCourses, Podcast, and Live Calls are savvy tools you can utilize from the comfort of work or home to help you grow and prepare yourself professionally for the next level.

Mentor Access

We know mentors can be hard to find. That’s why our list of Mentors and Coaches are carefully selected and comprised of the most influential professionals, coaches, and experts nationwide whom offer advice and answer your questions via email.

Share Experiences

We all learn from each other. No matter what stage of your career you are in. You can share experiences and receive support in our "No judgement zone"platform on and offline and learn how to deal with challenges and complexities within your career.

Network & Community

Networking with a purpose? Absolutely! Establishing a strong network is critical to your career. Connect with other Black Career Women through social and business interactions while building new, purposeful and lasting professional relationships.

Interactive Conversations

Our interactive discussions are designed to be a "sounding board". As Black Women, we have different professional experiences and challenges in the workplace and these conversations allow women to openly talk, gain career insight, and advice.

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    Founder & CEO
    Sherry Sims
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    Director of Operations
    Monica McEntire
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    Event Ambassador
    Shauntel Dobbins
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    Event Media Strategist
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    Network Director - Columbus
    Makeda Matthews
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    Event Coordinator
    Milan Sims
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    Event Correspondent
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    Brand Ambassador
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