6 Strategies Introverts Can Use to Maximize Networking Opportunities

I finally did it! After an hour of apprehension, I clicked the “Going” button to a networking event invite. Ok,  I got that part over with. I would spend the next week preparing my mind and my nerves to endure 90 minutes of small talk, being bombarded with business cards, and wondering how and if […]

Black Career Women’s Network Conference: Three Purpose Inspired Lessons I Learned

As a millennial professional, I think it was and still remains refreshing to gain wisdom from executives who have acquired desirable lifestyles and shared their professional experiences. I am still grateful that I attended the second annual Black Career Women Network (BCWN) Conference that was held on Saturday, October 14, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio, which […]

The New Position Phobia: Navigating and Excelling in a New Position

After completing my PhD, I was eager to start my career. I spent years studying theories, completing internships, buried in books and homework, and making a less than modest salary. I was 29 years old and just starting my first BIG girl BOSS job.  Prior to embarking on a career, thoughts of imposter syndrome rain […]

Your Work Week Inspiration

Mondays bring me more anxiety than any other day of the week.  Mostly because if my Monday starts out good,  the rest of my week will flow well.  At least that’s what I believe in my mind. Truth of the matter is, I have complete control of how I chose to respond to daily distractions. Which have become […]

5 Ways to Build an Empowered Career

Black Career Women’s Network (BCWN) Career Conversations focuses on elevating female African-American professionals to a level of empowerment within their career. The BCWN is comprised of women from entry-level to C Suite who provide and receive career advice from others who have been in their position or offer a different perspective to working. BCWN Founder […]